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Rhumb Line - March 2018

News From Willsboro Bay Marina

Dockage and Camping Available!

We have dock spaces available for this summer on most docks. Contact us soon; these openings won't last very long!

We have a few campsites available for the summer. A camper is a great addition for those with smaller boats or frequent overnight visitors. Contact us for further information.

Launch Scheduling!

We will "open the schedule book" and begin accepting launch date requests by telephone to(518) 963-7276 at 9:00 AM on Monday April 16, 2018. We require copies of all boat keys and lock combinations, parking permits on automobiles, and a completed current customer agreement on file before we will launch any boat that will remain docked at the marina overnight or longer after launching, and all accounts must be cleared before launching.

We strongly recommend that the boat owner or the owner's representative be present at launching; an additional fee of $7 per foot(plus tax) as stated in our August 2017 rate sheet will apply for launching without the owner present. We encourage owners to be present during the launching and initial docking of their boat to check for leaks or other problems which may develop in the first few hours after launching. Launching by the marina does not include any follow-up procedure or monitoring. We schedule launching by lettered sequence (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) and do not assign specific times. The first launch of the day occurs around 8:30 AM and then we proceed through the remaining launches for that day without delay.

Rules for installations of dock accessories including dock fenders, dockboxes, stairs, dock corner wheels:

Bottom Sanding and Grinding Ban

All bottom sanding by both boat owners and unapproved outside contractors is banned at the marina. The only approved contractor is Champlain Blasting Solutions.

Important Banking Notice for Cheques Drawn on Canadian Banks

Please see this important notice before writing in "US Funds" on a cheque drawn on a Canadian Bank.

Seasonal Notices and Reminders

Merchandise from our Competitors & Package Acceptance

We can order almost any item, part, accessory, or supplies needed for your boat; therefore, it is inappropriate to have items ordered from our competitors (West Marine, Defender, etc.) or any other sellers of any type of boating supplies, accessories, or parts shipped to the marina. Packages arriving from these sources will be refused. In special circumstances we will accept a package not containing competing merchandise, provided that special arrangements are made before the package is shipped, including a written request and payment of a reasonable fee for our handling and storage. Should a package from a competitor be accepted due to extenuating circumstances or error, a substantial handling and storage fee must be paid upon pickup of the package. COD deliveries will not be accepted under any circumstances whatsoever. The marina is not responsible for damages, shortages or loss to accepted packages, and unclaimed packages may be disposed of after 30 days with no further obligation. Our service department's policy is not to install equipment or use supplies purchased elsewhere or from our competitors. Please purchase your equipment and supplies from us if you would like us to install or use them. Under extenuating circumstances we may elect to install equipment or use supplies purchased elsewhere, however, a surcharge of 15% of the retail price of the materials will be added to the cost of the job.

Attention: clients with boats registered outside of the USA - don't forget to get a new decal for 2018!

All foreign registered pleasure boats 30' and over in the USA must obtain a user fee decal every year (cost approximately $30) which you may order online at The decal must be replaced every calendar year and there are substantial penalties for non-compliance. You can have your decal mailed to the marina and pick it upon your next visit. If you need assistance with obtaining your decal please contact Andre Klein; we are glad to help.

More information including a helpful e-mail conversation between US Customs & Border Patrol and Willsboro Bay Marina management is here:

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