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Willsboro Bay Marina on Lake Champlain:


Check by Phone (or e-mail)

We can accept your check (if drawn on a US bank) by telephone! Just provide us with the amount you wish to pay, the name and address of your bank as shown on your check and the numbers and symbols on the bottom of the check including the check number and we will generate a draft on your account. If e-mailing the information don't include your account number; telephone us with that instead to protect your account information. Destroy the check after providing us with the information as banks don't always permit two checks with the same check number to clear against an account.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers may be sent to our account at TIAA Bank. Please include sufficient funds to cover fees from your bank and any intermediary bank used by your bank and notify us of your payment so that we can identify it and apply it to your marina account. TIAA Bank does not charge us any fees to receive wire transfers. Your bank will need the following information to send a wire transfer:


TransferWise offers real mid-market foreign exchange rates and transfer services for fees as low as 1% of the amount transferred. Specify "Willsboro Bay Marina, Inc" as the recipient with our "accounts" e-mail address. Offering many currencies (not limited to CAD to USD tranfers), TransferWise could be useful for much more than just marina payments.

Online Bill Payment

Many banks offer online bill payment through CheckFree, iPay Technologies, Metavante, ORCC or other providers (but not Zelle). If the payment is originated from your bank's own online banking website (not PayPal, Google, or similar 3rd party system) and funded from your bank account then this payment is equivalent to cash or a check for our purposes. Royal Bank of Canada offers US dollar bank accounts domiciled in a US branch in the state of Georgia and fully electronic bill payment by CheckFree is available on these accounts. PayPal (and Google and similar) do not qualify as Online Bill Payment because they charge substantial fees to businesses to receive payments and these payments are not eligible for cash discounts.

Post-dated Cheques

Post-dated cheques are not an appropriate method of payment. Rather than using a post-dated cheque simply wait until you are prepared to write a current-dated cheque and only then hand deliver or mail it to the marina. Post-dated cheques are not always recognized as post-dated and may be deposited upon receipt, potentially resulting in substantial deposited item returned fees for the marina which will be billed to the client in addition to fees that may be charged directly by the client's bank. We reserve the right to deposit all cheques upon receipt without regard for date written on the cheque.

Banking Rules for Cheques Drawn on Canadian Banks

If a cheque is drawn on a Canadian bank US or United States must be written in as part of the amount shown in words unless it is pre-printed on the cheque by the bank. The proper location is indicated in red on the example shown here. The cheque will not be accepted by our bank unless US or United States is written in the proper place on the cheque. (US or United States does not need to be written in the color red).

Fuel Dock

The fuel and pump-out dock is a credit card only facility. Cash is no longer accepted for fuel or pump-outs. We do not offer "in-house" charge privileges at the fuel dock; you may not charge fuel to your marina account. MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards are the only payment methods accepted at the fuel and pump-out dock. Please plan accordingly.

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